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At No Fret Guitar Camp, we believe that music really is salve for the soul. Through music, kids find a connection with Jesus in a more tangible way than simply sitting in a church pew. They also find value and purpose by having a talent that they can nurture and own. 


For kids in low- income families, having a guitar and learning how to play it gives them a sense of ownership and control in an otherwise seemingly uncontrollable environment. It also gives them a refuge when life gets stressful and a method of communication when they feel their voices aren’t being heard. 


The gift of music starts small and lasts a lifetime. And even the smallest seed is enough to grow into a lifetime passion for following Jesus and worshiping through music. Your donation is that small seed that will help grow confidence, value and faith in the heart of a child who otherwise wouldn’t have access to these things. 


We are so appreciative of any financial donation you can offer to No Fret Guitar Camp. As a nonprofit organization, we operate solely on donations and volunteers —-- and love for our community. Please consider reaching a child in desperate need of self- worth and connection with God through a one-time or monthly donation. We are so honored to partner with the people in our community to reach more than 450 children, and we are encouraged through your support to continue to bring this mission to every child in need. 


If you are interested in supporting our mission at No Fret Guitar Camp, you can donate through the form below, or on the Donate page with a credit card or Paypal or request more information about our organization and how you can get involved. 

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