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Demonstrating God’s love through the lifetime gift of music with FREE lessons and FREE guitars

What an incredible opportunity for these students! We made connections with kids in the neighborhood that were never engaged with the ministry before. I especially loved how this tied everything together with devotionals that inspired a fresh understanding of the beauty of God and the desire to worship Him. Though some were skeptical it would be possible, but by the end of the week, everyone was playing music with joy. One of our students has discovered a heart and calling to lead worship.

Pastor Mike Leroux, Untethered Church

It was a heartwarming experience to be able to offer the gift of music to 12 students and equip them with a tool so they can continue the journey. To see them grow as people in the learning of the guitar skill was an incredible blessing. Our church is reaping rewards for this as well, three of the students committed to auditioning for our student band program at the conclusion of the camp. We will always be glad to host No Fret Guitar Camps here.

Aaron Adams, Fellowship Baptist Church

Hosting a No Fret Guitar Camp was an amazing way to help our youth connect their faith in Jesus with music and worship.  The NFGC Team has done such an awesome job of providing churches what they need to host one.  I will continue to share NFGC with all my fellow pastors as I fully believe in and support their mission.

-Bobby Wilson, First Methodist Church of Stanton, Texas


"No Fret Guitar Camp is a wonderful program! It is an amazing door opener to share the love of Jesus with youth in our community.

Rev. Michael Parks, Church 180


What a blessing to be a part of No Fret Guitar Camps made possible by Gary Brosch and all of the wonderful sponsors.
This was our second year doing it and once again the kids loved it and learned so much in a short amount of time. I also know we have kids sticking with it and are continuing lessons once again.  Thank you No Fret, Gary Brosch and Cort Guitars for ensuring a future of music for these kids.

Chris Snyder, Harvest Church


No Fret Guitar Camp was a fun and rewarding experience for the kids here at Redemption Church.  Not only did they learn to play the guitar in just a week, but they also developed confidence and a great foundation for future ministry opportunities. 

-Pastor Robert Ward, Redemption Church

No Fret Guitar camp is an amazing tool to be able to reach out into a hurting community just to show them some of Jesus Love.

- Pastor Tom Leach, Faith Baptist Church

Please accept our genuine gratitude – we are inspired, the kids are excited, seeds are planted. I hope to follow up each week of the remaining summer with a show-me class to reinforce their foundations and encourage further exploration!

-Delray Agnes, Liberty Church

I would highly recommend the No Fret Camp. They make it so easy to make the camp happen. They provided materials, guitars and even a shirt for the instructor. It was such a blessing to the students who participated and the look on their faces when they were able to take home the guitar at the end of the camp was priceless. We had a variety of students in our camp but many would not have been able to afford a guitar on their own. Every student surprised themself with what they were able to accomplish in such a short time period. Thank you to the incredible team at No Fret! They are a blessing and as good as it gets!

-Jesse Graver, Southern Hills Baptist Church


None of the teens thought they could learn guitar in five days. But learning guitar with No Fret Guitar Camp was a great experience, and they are excited to keep learning!
-Ben Miller, Next Gen Pastor, Hope Bible Church


What a fantastic outreach to our inner city youth connecting them with the lifelong gift of music and the love of Jesus!  I didn’t think it was possible, but all of the kids were able to play competently numerous songs in just one short week, and they heard devotions daily about our Savior!  Thanks No Fret for this great ministry to reach the lost with music!  

-Reverend Debbie Salinger Hillsborough United Methodist Church


As a life-long guitar player I've received thousands of hours of enjoyment from exploring the gift of music. It's a great experience to be an instructor with the No Fret Guitar Camp team and pass along this gift of music to tomorrow's young players.

-Brian Crawford, volunteer instructor

We are so grateful to co labor with Gary and No Fret Guitar Camp in ministry. The kids we work with in Tampa have few opportunities like this and it is truly a joy to both be a blessing and to receive a blessing from one another. Thank you  for your labor of love to share Jesus' love through the gift of music. Can't wait for our next camp

-Lee Wood, Executive Director ,1 Body Global 


 We hosted our first No Fret Guitar Camp this summer and had six youth and volunteer instructors.  What amazed me was the commitment and enthusiasm of the instructor who immediately upon completing the week, exclaimed, “I can’t wait to do this again next summer!”  Our students were equally enthusiastic and couldn’t believe it when, at the end of the week, we gifted them with the brand new guitars!  Talk about “Wow!” factor. 

-Pastor David R. Smith, Cornerstone Baptist Church


I am feeling abundantly blessed today by our week with the kids at TTUMC No Fret Guitar Camp. I hope some seeds were planted that will be used to bring forth fruit in these lives, and maybe in some of the parents and supporters who came to watch their finale. 

-Rev.Dr. St. Claire Moore, Temple Terrace United Methodist Church

We can do all things through Christ including learning to play guitar in a week!

-Sean Hults, Outreach Minister, 1st UMC Lakeland


What a blessing it was to teach at the No Fret Guitar Camp. Sharing the gift of music though the love of Christ was a great experience! 

-Skip Frye, Florida Blues Hall of Fame member


Learning to play music is one of the most important events of my life. And I can't think of a better gift to give than to teach music to another, especially a child. Couple that with a No Fret Guitar Camps staff and miracles will happen.

-Jimmie Bratcher, The Electric Rev. 


What an amazing week! It seemed almost ridiculous to think that a week would be long enough to learn guitar but seeing them progress from not knowing a single chord to playing multiple songs by the end of the week really made a believer out of me! The joy on their faces said it all. 

-Tyler Slaton, Director of Youth Ministries and Families, First United Methodist Church of New Port Richey

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