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During Camp Checklist

Tune the guitars before class each day. Midway through the camp, have your students download the same tuning app you’ve chosen and show them how to tune their own guitars. Although many of the guitars have an onboard tuner we recommend it not be used during class.



Your decision on whether to allow the students to take their guitars home with them at night depends on your particular circumstances. If you can count on them returning, then taking the guitars home to practice is great. If you are concerned they may take the guitars and never return, then leaving them at church until the end may be the wisest option.



Starting with what we call “The Big E” with Amazing Grace and This little Light of Mine will give them quick success and encouragement.



During the breaks, try to determine which of the Playbook songs they are familiar with and like the most. It’s best to pick a song or two on which to focus throughout the week. Occasionally returning to a simple “Big E song” will keep them positive about their progress!



Read the devotion each day before you lead it so you can prepare yourself for any questions that might arise. We’ve had great success in having the students take turns reading one line at a time of the devotionals.



Take note of students who are excelling and those who are struggling. If you have additional leaders, you might decide to break the group apart in order to give extra help to those who need it. (You might even consider using your strongest student as a coach to help his/her peers.)



Inviting parents to come early the last night to hear their student play and receive their certificates can be fun.


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