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Pre-Camp Checklist

Choose the dates/times you’re going to offer your camp.



Start the process of recruiting/selecting the students. Many churches find the sample form included in the Playbook to be useful. Some churches recruit from “their” students and some explicitly go outside the church to foster home students or students in their community that are not part of the church.



Find at least one adult who plays guitar to serve as the camp’s instructor. (Two adults who can play guitar are even better!) Even an adult who does not play guitar can be helpful in watching the student’s finger positions on the fretboard. Hey, this isn’t rocket science!



One week before camp, unpack the guitars and tune each of them in order to break in the new strings. (You can download a free tuner for your smartphone. We like the GuitarTuna app best.)



Secure a music stand for each student. If stands are not available, a separate chair to hold the music will suffice.



Print a PlayBook for each student.



Print a Leader Book for each adult instructor.



Two days out from camp, tune the guitars again. Yeah, they’ll need it.



Get permission from your students’ parents to take pics/videos of their progress. We’d LOVE to see your teenagers shine! We have a sample form in case your church does not have one.



One hour before your first class begins, you guessed it, tune the guitars one more time.


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